VOLUME 02 ISSUE 02 | Creep


The editors at Rather Quiet have a secret: we’re terribly bad at picking themes. So far, I think we’d done a great job covering up this flaw of ours. Themes like Space, Language, Fear – how inspiring! It makes it seem as though we had an entire list of themes to pick from and had put in a whole lot of planning and due thought in coming up with them. Truth be told, we lucked out then. This issue, however, we did pitch a lot of ideas – and came up with Creep. While internally, we did have a good handful of ideas for the theme, our dear readers seemed baffled by the bizarreness of it – and to be fair, it really is quite random!

So with confused readers and few adventurers, submissions trickled in slowly, very slowly. I think we’d already been exposed before I let the secret out in this editorial. The few lovely submissions we did receive this issue did not fail to surprise. The many interpretations of such an odd word, it was very impressive to see. My only regret is that we did not have more time; some potential contributors sent in brilliant ideas we’d have loved to share with you, but alas, we control time as much as we are controlled by it – I hope those ideas do see the light of day somewhere, at least, if not this issue. 

And without further ado, let’s dive in. Happy reading!

Sumayya FS




By Hiba F & JabalMaryam

By Anifowose Masturoh

By Zarinah Binte Ali

Creative Nonfiction
By Shahid Shabeer Malik

Creative Nonfiction
By Sumayya S. (Writing) & Zahra F. (Art)

By Afra Ahmad

Creative Nonfiction
By JabalMaryam

Chapter 2 of Inner Decmons
By Aisha Zahid & Sumayya S.