about rather quiet

Rather Quiet is a bi-monthly, Muslim literary and arts magazine. Founded in the winter of 2019, we aim to share the unsung stories of young Muslims around the globe. By shining the light on this shy community of writers and artists, we hope to revive the rich tradition of Muslim creativity and thought.

Why Rather Quiet?

Rather Quiet was born as a pet project of three cousins who were frustrated with the lack of visibility of good literature and art from young Muslims. This whole realm of literature and art from young Muslims – well, it’s rather quiet, isn’t it?

The young Muslims that make art and literature – they, too, are rather quiet. And so the magazine was born: giving a show case to the rather quiet.

There is an increasing number of young, creative Muslims that are gravitating towards ‘western’ influences; simply because that side has a lot more to offer when it comes to art and literature – in this era. We, at Rather Quiet, aim to stay true to the roots of Islamic tradition and thought.

Rather Quiet is where the rather quiet unravel what their silence really means.

Meet the Team

Sumayya S., Editor

Sumayya is a university student studying for a B.Sc. in Business & Management. She is currently in her fourth year and spends a lot of time looking for internships online but never applying due to her numerous pet projects. She enjoys learning and teaching Arabic in her spare time.


Maryam AK., Writer

Maryam (AKA Jabal Maryam) is a university student when she’s taking a break from being the always-reliable, local errands girl. It’s complicated. She is an award-winning قارئة  of the Quran and an (award-winning also) artist. 


Zahra F., Artist

Zahra is a high-school senior, the resident artist (yes, another award-winning one) at RQ and a BJJ white belt (for now!). When not in her backyard hanging from a pull up bar, she may be found in the kitchen whipping up her newest culinary masterpiece. 


Masthead image credit: Jonas Jacobsson