Reject Not MY Plea

By Afra Ahmad

Frigid twilight stifles me
like sighing stories 
that stay stuck in your throat
not longing to be jotted down in ink.
Struggling to stand 
for the prayer before dawn,
echoing in my ears
are my mentor’s words, 
tahajjud invocations are never repudiated”.

Descent of a puddle of weary tears
through the corners of eyes
once recognized for their radiance.
Blood it is again for me,
in the form of 
salt blended with water.
Slowly, I lift my shaky hands
to share with You
tales of the bloody turmoil
endured by spirited fellow Muslims.

No power they hold 
but the flag of “eemaan”
in this country controlled 
by lily-livered fascists.
The deadliest storm stops, 
does oppression 
in this nation of belligerent ‘patriots’?
They’re waiting for us
to become accustomed
to their barbarity;
revolution runs in our blood,
when will these dimwits understand?
Almighty, You’re All-Knowing,
but heard that you love
to hear from us.

Deserted despondency –
(who I had 
kept at bay,
solely through 
Your assistance) 
upon the pestering of
the clever devil –
aspires, toils, plans
to creep inside the softest chamber
that my ravenous countrymen 
had found unarmed
to smash 
at every chance.

I’m not perfect.
Smudged with ignorance
are my frail acts of worship,
devoid of appropriate sincerity
that You rightfully deserve;
my intentions weren’t bad, I swear.

God, I’m aware,
You’re As-Sami:
the One who hears everything.
You don’t miss 
the gentle rustle of leaves 
shoved by the limbs of the tree
during autumn,
how can the gut-wrenching wailing
of the distressed hearts
go unheard 
in your vast kingdom? 

Reject not my plea:
don’t enable 
mean despair 
to build his cabin here,
turning me hopeless 
of Your prominent 
springs of mercy
that were accessible
even for vile Fir’aun.

I explained
with a belief
so fierce,
so firm,
it would save 
an almost sinking vessel
including its passengers
from drowning,
to hurled-away-from-heaven Iblis:
no scheme of his
will influence me
as long as I’m under 
Your merciful shade,
reiterating this alleviating verse-
إِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا
“Indeed, with hardship comes ease.”

Our Lord has made
no policy of abandoning,
eyes that are found
moist in love
for His divine existence.
At the same time 
our culpable souls
tremble in fear of His wrath,
for while His mercy 
encompasses His anger,
He is Al-Adl:
no judge can be
as fair as Him!

Copyright © 2021 Afra Ahmad (writing & art) 

About the Author

Afra Ahmad is a writer, poet, artist, having a great passion for Arabic calligraphy, and an insane foodie. Based in Saudi Arabia, she is pursuing bachelors in English Literature. She writes about everything under the sun: from dark issues of the society to problems faced by Muslims to spreading Deen through her spiritual stories, poems, and write-ups. She’s also a Psychology enthusiast and loves to knit in her free time. 
Links: Instagram (writing) | Instagram (art) | Wattpad

11 thoughts on “Reject Not My Plea”

    I literally have no words to praise your talent! MaShaAllah!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    It made me emotional 😭❤️

  2. Masha Allah. Very well written. May Allah increase your knowledge and accept all of your constant efforts in making such wonderful content. It’s really very appreciable that you are uploading such content on this platform. Masha Allah.
    Keep uploading. We love to read your content. Masha Allah you are a brilliant writer. I don’t like to read but your content is so beautifully written that it attracts me to read and make a person who is least interested in reading wait for your content to be uploaded.
    Jazak Allah khair.

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