Sacred Places, Sacred Spaces

By Ahmed al Morroni

Let’s ask a question.
What is sacred space?
Focus, scan, then think.
No doubt! You know the place.

Step into ar-Rawdah
Indeed, a holy space.
Blessings abound, compound.
This is the sacred place.

From the prophet’s step, up high,
to his final resting place.
This must be it, the one.
That sanctified sacred space

But must the sacred space
Be a physical place?
For every yearning soul,
Is there no bliss
Closer to home?

So, ask again but deeper.
Seek out the inner space.
So wide, so great, so strong;
So it is when grounded
In speech from Divine place

Come on, rejoice and see
The heart, where Allah placed
A guide to the Mutaqeen.
As such, was it not
Muhammad’s centre space?.

Now seek again, perceive,
A secret yearning place.
Your soul’s, heart’s and spirits’ space.
A reflection of Allah’s grace.

Masjid-an-Nabawi, 1892

About the Author

Ahmad al Moroni is a student of Islamic Theology at the University of Osnabrück, Germany. He grew up in the UK and has previously studied Traditional Islamic Sciences in Yemen. He tentatively started writing poetry to take part in the Islam’s wonderful spiritual expression. If he’s not writing, he’s reading and if not reading then he’s probably singing nasheeds.

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