Issue 06 | Space

September – October 2020

… And what I found most remarkable as I read through all the submissions was how vast and densely 

populated space is. Every nook and cranny holds a story; vacuums are rather rare in the world we interact with. There is so much around us that we take for granted. As you read about different kinds of spaces, I hope you take to noticing the subtleties of your surroundings. 


Alas, we couldn’t feature all submissions into the issue! The handpicked few that made it into the issue, however, were the ones that stood out the most and I hope you, dear readers, will enjoy and benefit from reading them.

Editorial, Issue 06 ‘Space’

Issue 06 | Space


The Sky – Poetry

By Tumkeen (Writing) & Fatima Firoz (Art)

Hope– Poetry

By Yasmine (Art ) & Zaynep (Writing)


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Beneath the Intricacies – Article

By Waris

Waris’ takes a look at outer space and unlocks the technicalities of the beauty of the mechanisms at play in the great above – in understandable terms for the layman. And perhaps, he suggests, there is something to be said about what lies beneath it all. 

The Art of Architecture – Poetry Prose & Art

By Yusra Ravat (Art & Writing)

The spaces and houses we move from and to throughout our lives have a great impact on the memories we gather, and yet as we move on from them, we take no token to take with us. Our stories remain words to be erased with time. Yusra, an architect, proposes our spaces should be preserved in something more solid than memory. Her art and design aims to frame spaces in a modern and chic way.

Make Your Space, Build Your Pace – Article

By Hiba F & Jabal Maryam

Our surroundings impact our mindsets and consequently, our productivity. Hiba and Maryam break down the ways by which we can optimize the relationship between our physical and mental settings.

Unleashed– Short Story

By Aisha Zahid 

Almaas has lived under her best friend’s shadow all her life, allowing the other girl to crush her under the expectations and wishes she holds out from her. But when Almaas breaks down under pressure, she makes a heartwarming discovery that flips her perspective around.

Of Earth Spaces & Beyond – Prose

By Rushna Ali Khan 

Rushna personifies the realm beyond the barzakh in a letter to the realm of the living – the dunya and above.

Under The Desert Sky – Short Story

By Kiran Shah (Art) & Barq al Hind (Writing) 

Ilham is a bus driver caught seemingly caught in the rat race of life. But under the great desert sky, where the clouds clear out to make space for the vast blue sky – minds seek to find clarity too.

Backspace– Poetry

By Rushna Ali Khan 

Lost– Short Story (Fiction)

By Masturoh Danrah (Writing) & Abdullah Imran (Art)

Ahmad wakes up one day to find himself with a near tabula rasa but his doctors reassure him he should regain his memory soon. But as the days drag on and his hope dwindles, he’s forced to think about his place in the world – with or without his memories.

Life Under Occupation: India Occupied Kashmir – Creative Nonfiction

By Syeda Rabe’a Bukhari (Writing) & ZimBey (Art)

Rabe’a shares a short memoir on her life, growing up in Kashmir and living through multiple lockdowns. Kashmir is at the brink of an ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide. When the rest of the world struggles to cope with the pandemic-enforced lockdowns, perhaps the plight of Kashmir will seem more relatable now than ever before. Read her narrative to learn the story of Kashmir beyond the news headlines and why it is so dangerous to forget Kashmir today during its hour of need.