The Art of Architecture: Preserving Special Spaces

By Yusra Ravat (Writing & Art)

Student's college accommodation

As we move from place to place, and through phrase to phrase, we fill our pockets with memories made of spaces we’ve lived, worked and dwelled in.

Although there aren’t any tokens to take with us, the places of our past are ingrained in our minds.

Childhood home
Newly-weds’ first apartment

They set the scene for the tales we share, but as distinctly as we may paint a picture from memory, time plays an unfortunate part — fading things that once were clear.

I draw to capture an essence of the past, to preserve it before it’s all gone — so that our stories live on.


About the Author

Yusra Ravat is an architect and designer from South Africa, currently based in Dubai.

Her hobbies include reading, exploring different cuisines and new places, as well as spending time with loved ones. She is passionate about art and design — in all its forms, and understanding the complexities and intricate beauty in social and urban environments.

Her inspiration stems from the under-appreciated aesthetic of the architectural plan, as well as the graphics of De Stijl Movement.

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