Inevitable Return

By Khadija Amira Al-Maani

Life is more than existence. Existing is what you’re given; time, breath, a body. But life goes beyond existence; life is what you give. To give your best is to live your best; to live your best is to depart your best. 

So what are you giving?
Nay, what are you reaping?

Copyright © 2021 Khadija Amira Al-Maani

About the Author

Khadija is an eighteen-year-old Omani artist. Due to her curious nature and creative instincts, she loves to explore everything and anything. Having grown up in a beautiful Islamic environment and household, she learned from an early age to contemplate life, find beauty in everything, be grateful and always find ways to give back to the world. She is currently pursuing a degree in psychology but continues to keep arts as an important part and passion in my life.

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