I Saw the Sign

A poem adapted from a piece by MforMoon
Art by MforMoon

All of creation is in cycles. One cycle follows another. One cycle within another.

The moon revolves around the earth. A new moon, a half moon, a full moon and repeat.

The earth, in turn, circles the sun. The sun, rotating on its own. Never stopping. Always on repeat.If every artist has a distinct style and every writer, her handwriting – a sign pointing towards the creator – I wonder if we, the creation, walk with a sign of repetition. Distinct and unmistakable. In cycle, an ebb and flow, a rise and a fall, a waxing and a waning; always moving, never stopping. 

The moon is enchanting. Its mesmerising waxing and waning; a constant source of reassurance, comfort, peace and mercy from Allah Who gives us these reminders. You’re in a cycle, you’re riding a high, there will come a low; brace yourself. You’re in a low, look up – you’re in a flow, you’re rising, rising higher than ever before. 

The earth makes her rounds circling the sun. At different distances, she gives us different seasons. Our trees bear it all; the melting heat, the freezing cold, the heavy rain and harsh winds. I wonder how she feels.  

After spending all the spring and summer bathing in the sun’s glorious light and warmth, growing thousands of leaves, breathing heavily and reaching deep to bear fruit so we can eat. So noble, so great, she works despite knowing her oft-repeated fate.

Because when Autumn arrives, she’ll lose the sunlight. She can no longer afford to keep all her leaves, she must shed them all – just to survive. Before bidding farewell to her beloved sun and disrobing from her spectacular green coat, she transforms, yellow, orange, red and brown. Then she stands, freezing and bare but never, never, in despair. 

She holds up a sign for the world to see: 

Allah does not burden any soul with more than it can bear.

‎لَا يُكَلِّفُ اللَّهُ نَفْسًا إِلَّا وُسْعَهَا

Oh if only the passersby were to stop and see. There she holds it without the shadow of a doubt under the cold, hopeless sky. In time, her Lord delivers, He sends the sunlight and warms her frozen branches. In time, she grows her leaves a canopy and shades the passersby. 

As we start our new cycle, month one of twelve around the sun, I hope we’ll look around and take inspiration from our fellow creation. Each of us in our cycles, our own highs and lows, exist next to each other that perhaps we take heed of the signs we hold.

Art Copyright © 2021 MforMoon

About the Author

MforMoon is a mum who makes illustrations and animations. By bring together painting, paper ripping, origami, (most of which is done with her young child), Islamic geometry and digital editing with the Quran, she hopes to uplift your spirit and connect you and your family with the words of God.

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