By Rushna Ali Khan

A hundred times I am pressed,
back and forth, between words.
Do they know I know it all,
of what lies in their hearts at all?

The spaces they fill with words,
and the spaces they skip and leave,
I can take it all back,
faster than a blink.
Do they know I see it all,
Their wishes and desires overall?

I am used over and over again,
without much thought.
Do they know I feel it all?
Insecurity or immorality — I feel it all.

Correcting the past in a flash,
I am taken for granted, to be frank.
But am I not a blessing?
The humble, forgiving blank?

But above all –
Do they know how often they forget it all?
The message of truth, from the sky above all?

So, be mindful is what I convey,
of sins and mistakes to be made.
Do they know I realise it all,
for the deeds will one day be answered to Almighty of all?

I cannot rectify your wrongful acts,
for I am found in a world apart.
Follow the righteous path is what I can say,
Because I am the ‘backspace’ who knows it all.

About The Author

Rushna Ali Khan is an ambivert who loves writing, travelling and capturing photos. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Psychology. An avid literature and art lover, Rushna aims to convey the message of her deen (Islam)  through her writings and work.

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