Of Earth, Spaces & Beyond

By Rushna Ali Khan


‘The Space Above’
(The Dunya)

As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Hope you are doing well. The things here are pretty much the same. In recent years, the horrifying scenes here have increased. What happens here is facts and no one can deny this truth. I wish to inform the ‘Servants of Allah’ living at your place to be very careful with their deeds as the events that take place here are horrendous and their delicate bodies cannot bear it. If they are sinful nothing can save them from the terror here.

Allow me to share with you the spine-chilling images present here now. They are squeezed until their bones crush and fed upon by worms and insects. Questions about their ‘Aqaid’ (beliefs) and ‘Amaal’ (deeds) are asked by angels Munkar and Naker. The fright here is unimaginable.

But on the other hand, there are the believers. For the ‘Believers’ there’s nothing to fear. They are accompanied by their righteous deeds which surround them and illuminate their entire bodies. These deeds include their prayers (salat) which they offered in their lifetime, the charity which they gave when they were alive, the holy book (Quran) which they read, the Hajj and Umrah which they performed and the kindness which they showed to their brothers in their lives. A cool breeze caresses their skins and they are at peace.

The space in your place is indeed alluring. The huge mountains are fixed firmly in the ground from which originate the flowing streams and rivers; the vast sky with its hanging displays and vibrant colours; its cotton candy clouds; the outer space with all the planets, stars and galaxies to explore is surely dazzling. The worldly entertainment and desires are certainly hard to escape. The beautiful illusions there surely make one battle his ‘Nafs’ (self); a one-sided battle where, most of the time, the ‘Servants of Allah’ lose.

Do you know the ultimate truth? The life and vast expanse of your earth, the depth of your oceans and the space above — all these blessings of your place are temporary. There lies a space beyond our imagination, beyond our control called the ‘Aakhirah’ (hereafter). The Jannah (heaven) there is far more beautiful than this world. The servants will be placed in Jannah (heaven) and Jahannum (hell) based on their deeds.

I am writing you this letter for I wish to remind the ‘Servants of Allah’ living at your place to be cautious. Tell them to prepare well; for no one can escape the reality of my place. Their deeds will pave their paths and journeys of their final abode; whether they are going to be inflicted with undying regret or rewarded with unimaginable relief and unending happiness when death arrives.

Jazak Allahu Khairan for hearing me out. I will take your leave now.

Take care. Stay Safe. Allah Yusellimukum.

Yours truly,

‘The Space below’

(Grave (Qabar))

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Rushna Ali Khan is an ambivert who loves writing, travelling and capturing photos. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Psychology. An avid literature and art lover, Rushna aims to convey the message of her deen (Islam) through her writings and work.

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