Issue 04 | Language

May – June 2020

What exactly is language? Where did it come from? What does language look like without words? Why does it mean so much to us? Why is that sometimes we speak the same language but completely fail to understand each other? A bunch of questions you’ve probably never thought about, after all, what would be the point? Language is what you communicate, who cares what it looks like, all that matters is that it works!

But maybe there’s something to be learned from reflecting upon the most basic realities of our existences that we take for granted.

Editorial, Rather Quiet, Issue 04


The Origin of Language - Article

By Fatima Firoz (writer) & Zahra Aslam (artist)

Fatima Firoz breaks the ice on the theme for June’s issue with a noteworthy question, where did it all come from? In a series of interesting theories and historical truths, Fatima explains the feasibility of the Islamic perspective on the divine origin of language.


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The Blessing We Take For Granted - Article

By Waris

Waris returns with another gripping narrative, this time delving into the significance of language in our society, despite its seeming irrelevance.

Heart's Messenger - Poetry

By Invisible Ink

‘The same words conceal and declare the thoughts of men’ never rang more true. A short and profound poem on the essence of language and its connection to something even deeper.

Language - A Key to Time Travel - Article

By Samurai

In which Samurai uses language as a yardstick to unearth the realities of our lost history and near-dystopia present. We are as made by history as we are the makers of it – in turbulent times, it does well to take a lesson from the past.

Eclipse - Poetry

By JCitykey (writer) & Mahek (artist)

What might seem like a mere few words of poetry paints the plight of an entire people, oppressed as the world watches. Feel the accountability that this short poem delivers and educate yourself on the intricacies of BLM and your role as a Muslim amidst this chaos.

Body Language - Article

By Hiba F (writer) & Zavier (artist)

Hiba illustrates a different take on language in her thorough appraisal of the Prophet ﷺ and his mannerisms in the company of others. Practical tips abound, so take notes.

No Barriers - Poetry

By Shahadat Abdullateef (writer) & Heba Eisa (artist)

I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me.’ (2:186)  The promise of Allah SWT reverberates within you as you read Shahadat’s poem ‘No Barriers’.

Language Barrier - Short Story

By Zimbey (writer & artist)

Zimbey’s humourous story is a satirical take on ethnocentric propagation of values and beliefs. While you’re sure to have a laugh, stop for a moment and think about why you might be laughing at yourself here.

Lost in Translation - Article

By Suresh & Zakwan (writers) & Hagar Ehab (artist)

Do we really need the Arabic language to connect with our religion? Is that just an outdated way of thinking or is there something to be said about the specialty of the position of language in Islam?

The Reins of Utterance - Poetry

By Tumkeen The Writer

Just Do it,’ says Nike. ‘Stop for a moment and think,’ says Tumkeen. Why and to what end? Tumkeen relays in the form of poetry some lessons she’s learned over the years on the alternative response to the occasional overpowering burst of passion.

Serenity - Short Story

By Timi Sanni

How does someone have such a strong love for words they don’t understand? Is there something to language that supersedes the exchange of words?

Of Learning a Language - Creative Nonfiction

Salman Sowdagar

Learning a new language can be fun. But it can also be frightening. In ‘Of Learning A Language’, Salman Sowdagar shares his experience of learning a new language, and a life lesson he learnt along the way.

Tips on Learning a New Language - Article

By Zimbey & LaCabra

‘I studied French in school for years but all I can remember is bonjour and merci.’ Does that sound familiar? In this article Zimbey & LaCabra go over a few tips on learning a new language in a way that allows you to retain it

Language - Art

By JabalMaryam

How does the soul feel so many emotions but the hand writes only words? Another take on the human condition of being lost in translation and how, despite its shortcomings, we still find meaning in exchange.