Issue 03 | Search

March – April 2020

We choose ambiguous themes for our issues that allow our contributors to interpret them in a variety of ways. The theme of ‘Search’ is a universal one, and allowed for a myriad of interpretations; the search for answers, for truth, meaning, identity, adventure, love, redemption, opportunity, revenge and so on.
But what I noticed, as I read through all the submissions, was how they each emphasized the search within oneself. That was a curious observation on  my part; when you’re looking for things that lie outside of your person, why must you start the search from within all the same? I think our contributors illustrated it very well.
– Editorial, Rather Quiet, Issue 03

The Times are changing - Article

Many of us entered the new decade with high hopes only to find that, somehow, the new year has brought in more problems than it has solutions. We’re in a timing where the new normal looks to be the stuff of dystopian fiction, where questions and confusion cloud our better judgement. Ayesha writes about the search of a believer in turbulent times.


Ashab al A’raf - Article

You might’ve heard of the ashab-al-a’raaf or the People of the Hieghts. But who are they really? What are the hieghts? Waris unravels the mystery of the Ashab ul A’raf through his powerful imagery and stimulating rhetoric, extracts lessons from it and briefly walks you through the scholarly stance on the matter.

8 Reasons You Should Read Every Day - Article

‘Readers are leaders and leaders are readers,’ but are there any facts to back this? You’re might not turn into the next Malcom X or Salahuddin al Ayyubi reading every day for a month, but you might well be on the right track headed there with a book in your hand. ZimBey cites eight reasons you should try it and see for yourself.

The Dilemma of Identity - Creative Nonfiction

While some might believe science and religion to be the two immiscible  elements that can never mix, Sumaira argues that the two together can be used to solve one of the most pervasive causes of the troubled mind: cognitive dissonance or, as it is more commonly known, identity crisis. Paired with the illustrative writing hand of Waris, The dilemma of Identity is a must read for all those who struggle with reconciling the contradictory elements of their identities.

A Productive Ramadan - Article

When people say they’re preparing for Ramadan, a lot of them are really thinking of getting groceries and stocking up so they don’t have to go outside and can spend as much time as they can at home doing ibadah. But let’s face it, most of us spend it sleeping. So here, when we talk about planning for Ramadan, we’re not going to talk about the groceries, but the actual ibadah. 

Where The Truth Lies - Art

Some of us stare at screens and wait for the truth to enlighten us. Others of us read. But glimpsing the truth isn’t the same as finding it. Where The Truth Lies. an inquisitive work of art that makes you wonder, are you hearing answers to the questions you ask, or are the answers you seek somewhere else altogether?

Making the Hard Decisions - Creative Nonfiction

In which we hear the true story of how a fifteen-year-old girl moves alone to the other side of the planet beginning a life-long journey of self-discovery and development. Veronika’s story is one that holds meaning to all people, regardless of their age or background, everyone will find something to take home. 

Why Do You Talk So Little/Much? - Creative Nonfiction

Labels, friendships and identity. Take a walk with Nida as she recounts her heartwarming narrative of self discovery which you’ll be sure to relate with somewhere along the road. Not all roads are paved smooth, but if it’s the right road, you’ll want to keep going.

Half-full - Poerty

No one thinks they might be lost / Until they are found‘. Half-Full is Greg’s poetic food for thought that will catch your subconscious off guard. Drawing the lines between love, life and search, Half-Full is the poem you didn’t know you needed to hear.

Inconspicuous - Short Story

Based on a true Tweet. Maynerd narrates the story of a young woman in pursuit of someone who seems to have vanished without trace. But did they really vanish?